Convention 2018 Rates

Scroll down for Registration Fee reduction plan

Single Occupancy $650 USD
Double Occupancy $1,000 USD total
Triple Occupancy $1,350 USD total
Quad Occupancy $1650 USD total
Children 4 - 10 (per child) $200 USD
Children 3 & below - Free

• Rates include food and accommodation from 3.00 pm. on Aug. 2 to 1.00 pm. on Aug. 5 [3 nights & 4 days].
• Families having more than 3 children need to remit registration fees only for parents and elder 3 children; rest will be admitted without fee.

1. Registration Fee reduction plan

In order to promote maximum participation at the upcoming Syro-Malankara Catholic Convention and to assist those families or members who are financially constrained, the St. Mary, Queen of Peace Syro-Malankara Catholic Eparchy in USA and Canada (“Eparchy”) is promoting the following registration fee reduction plan by encouraging the sourcing of business advertisements and/or compliments.

a. Rate for Business Advertisement or Compliment:
• $500.00 USD - Full page color
• $300.00 USD - Half page color
• $200.00 USD - Quarter page color

b. Fee Reduction Plan Rules:
• Business compliments (advertisements) may be sourced from outside the Malankara Catholic business or member community. There are no limits to the number of business advertisements that may be obtained.
• Advertisement/compliment may be sought ONLY from businesses which conform to Catholic teachings. For example, the Eparchy will reject advertisement from companies that promote abortion, weapons, alcohol, illicit drugs, alternate lifestyle, etc. Kindly reach out to the local Pastor/Vicar for advice.
• 50% of the convention souvenir fee received by the Eparchy will be reduced from the cost of the convention registration fee - maximum reduction shall NOT exceed the total registration fee(s)
o Example #1: Mr. John Doe sourced three (3) full page business advertisements which raised $1,500 USD ($500 x 3). Although the registrant is eligible for $750 ($250 x 3) only $650 will be reduced from a single registration fee. However, $100 overage will not be refunded or credited.
o Example #2: Ms. Jane Doe sourced ten (10) half page business advertisements which raised $3,000 ($300 x 10). Therefore, the maximum $1,500 ($150 x 10) will be reduced from $1,650 registration fee for four persons from the same family. Therefore, Ms. Jane Doe’s balance owed will be $150.00 USD
o The above examples are for reference only. Individual registration situation vary and every scenario cannot be duplicated or elaborated here.
• The registration fee reduction plan is ONLY applicable to an individual or persons from the same family. It will NOT be extended to persons outside of immediate family.
• Payment shall be in the form of a cheque written directly to “Syro-Malankara Catholic Eparchy” from the business entity; cash or personal cheque from convention attendee will not be accepted. Mail all cheques to: Syro-Malankara Catholic Chancery, 1500 De Paul Street, Elmont, NY 11003. NOTE: In order to protect the integrity of the funds collection process, attendee (convention registrant) may NOT accept the business advertisement fee.
• Any questions regarding this assistance plan may be directed to: Rev. Thomas Ayyaneth, Convention Souvenir Committee Convener via email ( or phone (516-303-5056).
• The Eparchy reserves the right to modify or terminate the above plan at any time before the convention solely at its discretion.

2. Families having more than 3 children need to remit registration fees only for parents and elder 3 children; rest will be admitted without fee.