Convention 2018 Welcome Message


My dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

Cordial invitation to you to participate in the 10th Syro Malankara Catholic Convention to be held from August 2 to 5, 2018 at Hotel Hilton, Stamford, Connecticut 06902. Our Convention is a unique opportunity to foster our ecclesial unity, and strengthen our fellowship, cherish our liturgical and spiritual richness, to be empowered in Catholic faith and morals, and develop talents and personality, and grow in Malankara identity.

The theme of the Convention is the same of the forthcoming Synod of Bishops in 2018, to be held in Rome, namely, “Youth, Faith and Discernment”. It is very important to review our living situations and recognize the brutal effects and influences of the faithless and heartless Secularism which are so rampant in our society, and to reform our perspectives and norms in view of the bright future of our children, youth, and families. We all need continued empowerment and enlightenment and experience the love and mercy of God. No one shall be lost in darkness and deviations. Every spectrum of our life shall be permeated and propelled by divine dynamism. We are in pursuit of this great mission. The formation of our children and youth and their discernment in life deserves prime focus in our deliberations and prayers. To animate our new generation for leadership in the church and society is one of the defined goals of our convention. An authentic life based on noble Christian values, freedom, responsibility, emerging from Catholic faith and integrated in true Malankariteness shall be the prayerful dream of our Convention. Our motto is TO WAKE AND AWAKE our families, youth, and children.

I earnestly solicit your active participation, generous contributions, and your precious patronage to make our Convention most meaningful and fruitful. May God bless our Convention.

Looking forward to welcoming you,

Bishop Dr. Philipos Mar Stephanos