Diocesan Day & Bishop’s Day Celebration

  • Posted on: 22 November 2019
On October 26, 2019, the Eparchy celebrated Bishop’s Day & Diocesan Day. October 28 marks the second anniversary of His Excellency Most Rev. Dr. Philipos Mar Stephanos’ installation as the Eparchial Bishop. The celebration began with the Holy Qurbono at 9:45 AM, and as part of the celebration, a felicitation speech was given by the Pastoral Council Secretary, Mr. Philipose Mathew and Bishop Stephanos thanked the entire Eparchy for its support and prayers. A Spiritual Bouquet (Praarthanaa Manjari) was given to His Excellency on this occasion. This spiritual bouquet consists of offering Holy Qurbono for the intentions of His Excellency, praying Rosaries and Divine Mercy chaplets, reading Bible passages for the intentions of His Excellency, and Prayers such as Our Father, or Hail Mary. The Syro-Malankara Catholic Eparchy in USA and Canada continue to wish Aboon Mar Stephanos a fruitful and a blessed ministry. The celebration concluded with Agape in the Cathedral Hall in which everyone could share the joy of Eparchial fellowship once again.