New Marriage Assessors and Notary for the Eparchial Tribunal.

  • Posted on: 25 January 2020
The Eparchial Bishop, Most Rev. Dr. Philipos Mar Stephanos, has appointed two marriage assessors to the Eparchial Tribunal. The new appointees are Mr. George James & Dr. Jasmine Thomas. Their roles as assessors are to help evaluate the evidence (proofs) for the Tribunal who will judge the case. Both Mr. George James and Dr. Jasmine Thomas took the oath of fidelity in the presence of the Eparchial Bishop and Rev. Dr. George Oonnoonny, the Judicial Vicar of the Eparchial Tribunal. Along with these two appointments, His Excellency has also appointed Rev. Fr. Jobin Thomas as the Ecclesiastical Notary for the Tribunal.